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How to travel

The public transport in Sofia is: Underground – Metro and Ground Transport – buses, trams (tramways), and trolleybuses. For more information about: - routes, timetables and stops of the lines of the ground public transport, please visit


There are two metro lines in Sofia – M1 and M2. You can see the numbers of the lines on the front of the train. M1 line runs from Slivnitsa Metro Station to Business Park Metro Station. M2 line runs from Vitosha Metro Station through Obelya Metro Station to Sofia Airport. M1 and M2 intersect at Serdika Metro Station. You can see a map of the metro lines at  M2 Line connects Sofia Airport Terminal 2 with the center of the city – at Sofia University Metro Station and Serdika Metro Station. The trip takes about 30 minutes. You can change the lines at Serdika Metro Station and go to Sofia Central Bus Station and Sofia Central Train Station. The metro trains from and to Sofia airport run from 5:30 to 24:00 on weekdays and holidays. For information about the routes and schedules, please visit










In the city of Sofia, four bus lines run from midnight to 4 am. All the lines intersect in Sofia city center at Alexander Battenberg Square. The travel card for the all four night lines costs 2 BGN. It can be purchased only from the driver. You can find more information about the timetable of the night public transport at: 


The price of a single trip travel card is 1.60 BGN. It can be purchased from the driver or at kiosks of the Urban Mobility Center located at the bus stops. The travel card has to be perforated immediately after getting on the vehicle and it is valid only for that vehicle. You should keep your travel card till the end of the trip. Vending machines are installed in some trolleybuses and trams. The travel card purchased from them should not be perforated. There is also a card with vouchers for ten single trips for one passenger for ground transport. It can be purchased from the kiosks of the Urban Mobility Center and the vouchers have to be perforated too.


A single-trip travel card for the metro can be purchased from vending machines or at the metro cash-desks located next to the metro's entrances. The single-trip travel card for the metro has to be validated at the validators at the entrance to the metro stations. Each travel card can be used up to 30 minutes after being purchased. You should keep your travel card till the end of the trip. The following passes can also be bought at the metro cash-desks – a daily pass for all lines of the public transport system – 4 BGN (for daily transport services), as well as an electronic card issued ten metro single trips – BGN 12. It can be used also by a group of people. For more information visit

  •  TAXI

Sofia taxi fares und useful information
On the territory of Sofia Municipality are set the following maximum taxi fares per kilometer: day time tariff - BGN 1.30; night time tariff - BGN 1.60. The day time tariff applies from 06:00 to 22:00, and the night time one – from 22:00 to 06:00. The tariffs are indicated on a sticker on the windscreen of the vehicle. In addition, in each car there should be a sign featuring the contact information of the company and the driver's identification card.

How to call/book a taxi
There are many taxi companies in Sofia. You can book a taxi via phone or by visiting the websites of the taxi companies. Some of the companies have also a mobile booking application on their websites which you could see in the list of taxi companies below. If you stay in a hotel, you could ask the receptionist to call a taxi for you.

There are also taxi ranks all over Sofia, with taxis waiting for customers. You can also just flag down a vacant taxi on the street. A taxi is vacant if there is a green light on its front windscreen. If the light is a red the taxi is occupied. Please, follow the links below and you could find information about some of the biggest taxi companies in Sofia:

Companies with more than 100 vehicles:

OK Supertrans:
Phone: +359 2 973 21 21
Website: - app 

Phone: +359 2 963 0951
Website: - app

Yellow 333 AD:
Phone: +359 2 91119; +359 2 491 1108
Website: - app

Airport taxi
The taxi company OK SUPERTRANS is the official partner of Sofia Airport. You can order a taxi from Sofia Airport at the company's offices, located in the Arrivals lounge at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
Phone: +359 2 973 21 21


There are Rent-a-car services in the Arrivals areas of both Terminal 1 and Terminal T2 of Sofia Airport and in Sofia city center as well. For more information, please visit their websites or offices.


 Location at: Sofia Airport Terminal 1;Terminal 2
 Phone +359 890 170 170


The short term paid parking zones – BLUE ZONE and GREEN ZONE are being introduced in public streets, squares and car parks, owned by the Municipality after a decision of the Sofia Municipal Council and by order of the mayor of Sofia in accordance with his legal powers and the schemes adopted by the Sofia Municipal Council.

Only vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tons and minibuses or buses that seat up to 12 passengers are allowed to park in the Blue Zone.

The scheme is in force on working days from 08.30 to 19.30 for BLUE and GREEN zones and on saturday from 08.30 to 18.00 for BLUE ZONE.

Vehicles may be parked in the Blue Zone only in line with the instruction signs and only in the designated areas. After the permitted time has expired, the vehicle will be removed by towing vehicle.

The mayor of Sofia has the right to temporarily or permanently close parts of or complete sections of the Blue Zone whenever properly licensed public or private events are being held.

Parking places in the open-air parking zones for short term paid parking known as the Blue Zone are indicated by road surface markings, and road signs and signboards on which are indicated the terms for parking. CCTV and photographic cameras may be installed to monitor the spaces.

Parking via SMS
Customers of Bulgaria’s mobile operators may park on public streets and squares in the municipality, which are within the zones for short term paid parking by sending a short text message (SMS) to number 1302 and 1303 containing the national license plate number (without writing the country-of-origin abbreviation). The SMS must be typed in with the mobile phone set to Bulgarian/English if the system is to fully register the message’s content. The system accepts any combination of 4 to 9 symbols as a license plate number.
Payment verification and monitoring of the actual time the vehicle has spent parked in the short term paid parking zones are implemented using a voucher bought by the driver or by a SMS.

The SMS notification of parking has to be sent immediately after the vehicle is parked in a parking space within the BLUE ZONE or GREEN ZONE. The system sends an answer of “You have successfully paid the parking of СА1234НН (for example) until 01:32 pm”. The client should leave the vehicle after receipt of the SMS for successful payment for a vehicle with the relevant license plate number (LPN). Please check whether the LPN matches the one stated in the system SMS. If payment via SMS fails, the client must pay by voucher.

The hourly price for the Parking via SMS and Phone Call Parking services with VAT is set by the Capital Municipal Council and is equal to the price for voucher parking with VAT, while the cost of the SMS is set individually according to the mobile phone plan of the client.